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About Julene Packer-Louis

Julene Packer, Dipl.OCA, NCGR-III, ISAR-CAP, Reiki-II is a practicing professional Astrologer with international certification. She has been a serious student of both Astrology & Yoga since 1998. She has been teaching at the International Academy of Astrology, where she earned her diploma, since 2000. She has served on the school's Board of Directors since 2002. She served as the Media Director from 2000 - 2007, has been the Education Director since 2008 and the CEO since September 2009.

Julene is certified by the National Counsel for Geocosmic Research and the International Society for Astrological Research and served as the Recording Secretary for the Association For Astrological Networking for five years from 2005 - 2010.

Since 2002 Julene has maintained a professional astrological practice. She helps clients unfold their process of spiritual awakening, gain insight into relationships, and develop awareness of old outworn and sometimes toxic patterns that are asking to be released at critical crisis points. She aims to lead all clients to their own insights through an astrological journey of self awareness. She helps to spark awareness of the myriad of choices available to her clients to help align their energy differently and co-create the life they want.

Julene has been lecturing at Astrology conferences and local groups in the United States and Canada since 2006. Her writing has been published in astrology & metaphysical magazines. Her monthly astronomy column Sky Watch has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer since April 2008.

The Story of Julene's Sky Watch

Julene first began teaching NAT01 at the International Academy of Astrology in the fall of 2000. This class teaches the great circles that determine a horoscope. In talking with the students about the ecliptic plane she realized that very few students knew how to locate the planets in the night sky. She also knew from outdoor conversations with other astrologers and students and conferences that locating the planets in the night sky is often lost in the education in the age of computers. She wanted ensure that IAA students would be able locate the planets in the sky, not just on the chart their software calculated. She approached Ena Stanley, the President of IAA, with the idea of writing Sky Watch for the school newsletter. Ena thought it was a great idea and very important. Sky Watch was born for the October 2000 issue of IAA News. Since then Julene has given several astronomical lectures at various conferences and local groups including UAC 2008 and the upcoming UAC 2012.

The Story of Julene's Journey into Astrology through Astronomy & Mythology

"As long as I can remember I was fascinated with the night sky. It may have been the twice a year trips to Hamilton, Ontario to visit my paternal grandparents that sparked this interest. My parents always drove at night because we all know what two children in the back seat on long road trips can be like! I didn't sleep; I watched the stars out of the window. In elementary school, we took a field trip to a local planetarium. I sat in awe as the teacher pointed out the constellations and told the mythology of them. I wanted her job when I grew up!"

"My interest in astrology began as a teenager when I stumbled across a sun sign astrology book that belonged to my mother. As synchronisity would have it, this was also around the time I was studying mythology in 7th grade English class. I was always a reader. I could be found most summer days in the neighbor's apple tree reading those yellow hardback Nancy Drew novels. From that day forward my passion switched to astrology books and mythology books. Somehow the stars, mythology and astrology all seemed connected and this was like a new real mystery to me."

"It was around the time of my Saturn Return that these pieces began to fall into place into a larger picture of the purpose of my journey thus far. I knew I was ready for serious astrological study to fill the holes that self-study leaves. I enrolled in professional astrology classes at IAA in January of 1998. I bought a telescope in the summer of 1998 and fell in love with the night sky all over again. Finding the planets through the telescope filled me with awe and humility. It was amazing how I could feel so small in such a vast universe, yet so plugged in and connected. I'd spend hours every night looking at the different stars too, with their different colors and different pulse rates. Wanting more scientific knowledge of the heavens, I enrolled in an astronomy class at my local community college in the fall of 1998. As I sat in this class and learned about physical properties of planets among many other things, I became amazed at how closely the astrological symbolism of the planets related to their physical properties. My astronomy professor, however, was not amused by the correlating astrological symbolism I'd point out during class. Perhaps that is what made it even more fun!"

"Since then, my journey has lead me study Yoga, physics, shamanic journeying, and Vedic Astrology. Currently I enjoy discovering the many correlations between Hellenistic Astrology & Jyotish and learning more about quantum-physics to correlate with the knowledge of the ancient Rishis of India. The mystery that caught my attention as a teen was just a glimpse of the mystery that fascinates me today, which is likely a glimpse of the mystery that will fascinate me in the years to come."

© Julene Packer-Louis 2010