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Lecture Handout Archive by Julene Packer-Louis

Jupiter in Pisces
by Julene Packer-Louis

Jupiter Cycle is 12 years - Jupiter spends 1 year in each sign
Jupiter in Pisces from Jan 17, 2010 at 9:11 PM EST - Jan 22, 2011 at 12:12 PM EST

Jupiter goes Retrograde every year for apx. 4 months and will dip back into Aries
Jupiter Retrograde from July 23, 2010 (at 3 Aries) - November 18, 2010 at (23 Pisces)
Jupiter in Aries June 6, 2010 - Pisces Sep 9, 2010

Transit Jupiter in General
-greater benefic: pleasant, beneficial, gains, luck, life flows easier,
-growth: expand consciousness, beliefs, philosophies, weight gain, rapid growth of cells
-legal system: problems with law, gain legal power
-zealousness: overdo, go to far, be careful what you wish for you might get it

Jupiter in Pisces
-expands ideals, sympathies, generosity, compassion, devotion, fantasy, escapism
-quests after experiences offering redemption, transcendence, at-one-ment, tolerance of differences by recognizing we are not separate/different at the soul level
-grows inner awareness, faith in oneness of universe, seek out connections, looks for common thread of truth among a myriad of beliefs/philosophies, explore different levels of consciousness, seek Truth through meditation
-spiritual growth and expansion of self awareness connecting to the whole, personal quest for metaphorical Holy Grail

Jupiter rules Sagittarius & Pisces
- Sagittarius is the active, self-expressive mode because it is seeking adventure, travel, new life experiences upon which philosophies and beliefs are born
- Pisces is the passive, self-repressive mode because it is in Pisces that the ego dissolves into a more universal spiritual connection to others, where we touch the big toe of God, where the experiences we seek are more inner than outer, more spiritual than mundane, are more for overall concern of human life-existence itself than what serves our own ego, where we seek experiences and philosophies that dissolve boundaries of our separateness and live in the present rather than questing after the future. Jupiter's quest takes on a self-less quality in Pisces. In its highest expression it is seeking spiritual union with all that is. In its lowest expression it uses illusion and deception to cast out or separate by being righteous.

Jupiter Through the Houses
Jupiter brings expansion to the area of life it touches. It expands planetary energy found in the house, excites them to throw caution to the wind and act in excess. It can also bring a good does of luck of being in the right place at the right time.

Jupiter in the 1st House - New Cycle of Personal Growth
- discover the truth of who you are on the inside, what you want to accomplish keeping the spiritual dimension in mind, tangible world may not be enough, learn and gain from new experiences, dissolve outwarn paradigms in favor of beliefs and philosophies that fit with who you are not, not who you were when they developed
- feel more secure about your self and impression on others, may attract beneficial people and resources, overall a good year
- be careful not to be over-bearing, over-zealous, pretend you have all the answers

Jupiter in the 2nd House - Financial Gains or Over Spending
- growth of material resources, money & possessions, getting more of what you want, mismanaging resources to get what you want or if unclear what it is you want, find the real value, examine how you handle resources, how your resources help you reach your goals, seek experiences that allow you to revel in the pleasure of your physical senses
- discover what you value, what makes you comfortable vs what you need for social status, look at why you want what you want and see if that fits with the you discovered last year when Jupiter was in you 1st
- be careful not to overindulge on purchases that are mere status symbols, or become self-indulgent in general

Jupiter in the 3rd House - Increased Contacts & Communication
- network in the community, gains from community, everyday activities that expand knowledge and perception, writing, travel, advanced study, seeking knowledge from own experience, old thought patterns expand, overcoming self-imposed limits on your thinking, plan more effectively
- relationships with siblings, relatives are good and may benefit you, more tolerable and generous toward world around you, communication better than usual
- be careful not to take on too many projects or over task yourself

Jupiter in the 4th House - Seeking Emotional Security, Peaceful Abode
- buy a home, expand your home, planting roots, make improvements that increase your home's value, focus on personal life, making home & family secure and place of comfort, sense of belonging to family or location, increased emotional security, more in-touch with inner self (IC),
- generous and open with family, family is place to turn for help or solace, family and parents can be of benefit, domestic problems should clear up, increased family social engagements, support from family in your career or in forging ahead in the world
- be careful not to take family for granted or be overbearing with them, or overspend on renovations by perceiving value that isn't there

Jupiter in the 5th House - Expansion of Ego & Creative Self Expression
- more jovial and playful, inner child plays, creativity expands, courage to be yourself, freedom to expand and express who you are, increased chance for romantic encounters, expanded experiences through romantic encounters, learn a lot about the world, increased self awareness and growth, great opportunity for personal growth and becoming who you want to be
- relations with children improve, they will make you proud, feel generous with praise and encouragement toward them
- be careful not to be overbearing with children, and self-aggrandized in romantic pursuits

Jupiter in the 6th House - Good Health, Growth Through Service
- expanded sense of duty & service with recognition of how it gratifies the ego, seeking fulfilling work, service and structure with a purpose, higher meaning, work situations improve, greater opportunity for self-improvement, time for work,
- good health in general, increased physical strength & vitality, but over indulgence in foods can create related illness, and any current illness that involves growth of cells can accelerate, any current recovery is quickened
- be careful of easier weight gain, and of overworking yourself

Jupiter in the 7th House - Increasing Self-Awareness Through Others
- Marriage & business partners expand your self-awareness, marriage and business partnerships work well, mutual benefits through partnerships, beneficial relations with others forms make it win-win, not a time to go it alone, time to seek others that fulfill your individuality &/or are more experienced than you, others from different backgrounds expand philosophies, intimate relationships expand consciousness
- court outcomes favorable especially civil
- be careful not to take more than you give to others, or overestimate what you think you are entitled to

Jupiter in the 8th House - Benefit from Resources of Others
- could be inheritance, but not every 12 years!, relationships where resources are combined are favorable (marriage and business again), loans favorable, government money favorable,
- spiritual regeneration, benefit through occult or mystical/spiritual wisdom, exploration or deepening spiritual pursuits, exploration of psychological patterns, healing of past psychological/spiritual wounds, benefit from going where angel's dare tread, transformation that makes life more rewarding in the long run
- be careful to remember that transformational changes happen for a reason, and that the law of inverse proportion assures that when one door closes, another opens.

Jupiter in the 9th House - Expanding Consciousness (Jupiter rules here)
- Philosophies, beliefs & view of life expands, knowledge seeking takes a more philosophical or metaphysical turn rather than fact gathering, pondering what you read, learn & experience, increased awareness of useful knowledge about the world gained through experience, consciousness expands to dispel prejudices and beliefs that don't hold up to experience
- favors publishing, media that reaches the masses, opportunity for higher learning or long distance travel, benefit from them, opportunity to teach or be taught, opportunity through foreign people or travel,
- be careful of being a self-righteous a know-it-all, remain open to possibilities of other's experiential knowledge

Jupiter in the 10th House - Recognition for Hard Work Well Done
- promotion or raise at work, increased public standing, reputation & status, increased social engagements, feel more confident, make big plans, take risks, explore & embrace possibilities, chance for success is on your side, time of getting ahead and knowing what you can truly pull off
- travel or foreign people at work bring opportunity, luck or expansion, could change jobs but recognition not likely to apply
- be careful of being domineering, holier than though, embellishing your self importance, or being an ego-maniac, be humble in your successes

Jupiter in the 11th House - Exciting a Cause, Many Becoming One
- hopes & wishes for self, friends and humanity expand, desire to improve the world, increased importance on group values, ideals & goals, raising group consciousness, taking up social causes with like minded people, feeling larger than life as a group,
- benefit from friends & groups, generous with friends, support from friends and groups, beyond the 7th not going it alone this is not a time for going w/one other either, learning the importance of groups, making new friends
- be careful not to be selfish and seek change for personal gain, trust that the universe will return greater to you that what you give out for humanity

Jupiter in the 12th House - Exploring Spiritual Dimensions (Jupiter Rules Here too)
- great time for learning and study of metaphysical or spiritual matters, spiritual teacher may come in any form, or you may become one for someone else, more compassion & forgiveness for self and others, opportunity for redemption or transcendence, questing for the bliss plane, self-less service, spiritual healing
- benefits from meditation, retreats, reflective solitude & exploration of the inner terrain, a journey inward to the know observer Self behind the ego centered chatterer in the mind, a time for quieting the mind and allowing thoughts to flow like passing clouds, not attaching, being the flow, feeling at-one with the others & the world, quest for higher meaning of life & recognizing its currents that ebbs and flows unseen yet omnipresent among the earthly terrain
- be careful of excesses that lead to addictions, escapism, and following gurus who are not what they seem

Jupiter's Role in the Saturn-Uranus opposition & with Pluto 2010
- Jupiter in Pisces opposes Saturn May 23, 2010 & conjuncts Uranus June 8, 2010
- Jupiter in Aries squares Pluto July 24, 2010; Aug 3, 2010
- Jupiter in Pisces conjuncts Uranus Sep 18, 2010 & Jan 4, 2010 (Saturn has moved on)

The Saturn-Uranus Cycle and Financial Markets
- Saturn-Uranus cycle is 45 yrs - began at the conjunction in 1988 - housing crisis, interest rates through the roof, housing prices fell, banks were taking high risk investments (Uranus) in markets they didn't know in order to increase the net worth of their portforlio's (Sat)
- The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 was supposed to be the answer to the problems. This was the seed sewn at the conjunction. Further legislative changes to the original Act follow the Saturn-Uranus cycle.
- Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992 (Saturn semi-sextile Uranus)
- Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994 (Saturn semi-sq Uranus)
- Financial Services Modernization Act in 1999 (Saturn square Uranus)
- Then in 2005 regulatory changes and new rules to the 1994 act took place (Saturn sesqu-sq Uranus).
- In 2007 there was another change (Saturn quincunx Uranus). Housing prices dropped, loans got foreclosed and adjustments in lending needed to be made.
- This opposition began in Nov 2008 and lasts through 2010. Many people lost retirement money in the stock market. Many people are loosing their homes, foreclosures and short sales are flooding the market and housing pricing dropped, interest rates did remain low. In the midst of this (Aug 09) a new disclosure law (Saturn) went into affect to stop surprises (Uranus) at the closing table. The purse strings are growing tighter (Saturn in Virgo) and an ideal of turning the market around (Uranus in Pisces) is bringing about reform (Uranus) programs (Saturn) to help people buy and keep their homes.
- Ironically in May & June of 2010, just after the latest home buyer tax incentive ends, Jupiter joins this opposition. Jupiter joins it at Uranus and opposes Saturn, we can expect yet another change.
- May Jupiter-Uranus oppose Saturn at 27 Pisces/ Virgo in USA's 3rd/9th house, we may see headlines with foreign trade and investment
- June Jupiter conjuncts Uranus 00 Aries and USA's MC/IC is 1 Lib/Ari this is cardinal and angular we can expect reform to be paramount
- July and August, Jupiter (USA 4th) squares Pluto (USA 1st house) we may loose in order to gain in the long run, we might well see the ramifications of throwing money at the housing crisis
- September, Jupiter conjuncts Uranus again, 29 Pisces (3rd) and reform happens again.