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Lecture Handout Archive by Julene Packer-Louis

Astronomy for Astrologers: Presented at UAC 2008
by Julene Packer-Louis

3 Horizontal Great circles
Celestial Equator: Earth's equator extended into infinite space
(E/W=Right Ascension N/S=Declination)
Ecliptic Plane: Apparent path of the Sun - 23.Degree angle due to Earth's 23.6 degree axial tilt
(E/W=Celestial Longitude, zodiac degrees N/S=Celestial Latitude)
Rational Horizon: Relative to local space, differs from the horizon we see
(E/W= Azimuth N/S=Altitude)

3 Vertical Great Circles
Meridian: Uses Poles of Earth, Zenith, Nadir, E & W compass points of Horizon
Prime Vertical: Uses Poles of Earth, Zenith, Nadir, N & S compass Points of Horizon
Polar Axis Circle: Uses Poles of Earth, E & W intersection of Ecliptic & Celestial Equator
* The Horizon, Zenith & Nadir are what gives us our local space!

Intersections of Great Circles form Angles & Personal Points
Ecliptic & Horizon: ASC in East, DSC in West
Ecliptic & Meridian: Midheaven in South, Imum Colei in North
Ecliptic & Prime Vertical: Anti-Vertex in East, Vertex in West
Ecliptic & Polar Axis Circle: EqASC in East, EqDSC in West

Planetary Data ***** Orbital Period ***** Rx frequency

Mercury ***** 88 days ***** 3 times a year for apx 3 weeks
Venus ***** 224 days ***** 18 mos for apx 6 weeks
Mars ***** 686 days ***** 2 yrs for apx 10.5 weeks
Jupiter ***** 11.86 years ***** 13 mos for apx 4 mos
Saturn ***** 29.45 years ***** 1 year + 2 weeks for apx 4.3 mos
Uranus ***** 84 years ***** once a year for apx 5 mos
Neptune ***** 165 years ***** once a year for apx 5 mos
Pluto ***** 284 years ***** once a year for apx 5 mos

Solar Eclipse Table

Lunar Eclipse Table

Saros Series Mechanics

Saros Series are numbered from 1 - 19 and either North or South
North: Solar Eclipse is conjunct the Moon's North Node (spring)
South: Solar Eclipse is conjunct the Moon's South Node (autumn)
Eclipse Year is 346.62 days x 19 cycles = 6585.78 days
Synodic Cycle of Moon is 29.53 days
6585.78 / 29.53 = 223 synodic months or 18 years & 11 days
Larger eclipse cycle the Babylonians noticed Saros means "repeats"
Saros Series repeats every 18 yrs & 9-11 days landing 10* further along the zodiac

Feb 7, 2008 - Saros Series 10 North
Aspects: New Moon = Mercury, Saturn = New Moon/Neptune

Meaning: "There is a very strong emphasis on communication and, at the same time, frustrating or inhibiting events may come into the person's live news, paperwork, or a young person. The person may feel tired & drained, and this is therefore a good time to take things quietly and work through the difficulties one at a time." [Brady, 322]

August 1, 2008 - Saros Series 10 South
Aspects: New Moon = Mercury/Uranus, Mars = New Moon/Pluto, Mercury = Mars/Saturn

Meaning: "This Saros Series concerns itself with breaking out of a very negative situation where no hope can be seen to a more positive space containing many options. A worry that may have been affecting a person will suddenly clear. The solution is shown by the Cosmos and needs to be taken up without too much delay." [Brady, 323]

Misc Info
The Earth's rotation causes the sky to rotate 15* every hour and these are our time zones
A new sign crosses the MC every 2 hours.
The ASC sign varies due to long and short ascension (reverses in southern hemisphere)
Long Ascension signs are Cancer - Sagittarius & Short Ascension signs are Capricorn - Gemini