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Lecture Handout Archive by Julene Packer-Louis

The Luminaries, Moon Phases & Nodal Axis
by Julene Packer-Louis

Sun: who you are & who you are becoming, ego, consciousness, outer expression of your core self, how you shine, hero's journey, process & integrate life events into who you are
Circle = spirit (orbital period = 1 year, apx. 1 degree/day)

Moon: emotional nature, container of emotional memories, how you nurture & like to be nurtured, inner self, emotionally safe space, process & integrate the feelings about life events
Crescent = soul (orbital period = 27.5 days, apx 13 degrees/day)

Moon Phase:relationship between the Sun & Moon, between the inner & outer self, between feeling & expression (synodic cycle = 29.3 days)

Nodal Axis:Points in space where the Moon's orbit around Earth crosses the Ecliptic in the north & south. Always in opposing signs & houses, indicate where we need balance (orbital period = apx 18 years, retrograde)

South Node:past, comfort zones, soul pattern, strong & familiar pre-established energies
North Node: future, unknown uncharted territory, soul potential, energies we need to bring in & learn to utilize

Idea is to draw on the strengths of the established energy of the south node to propel toward north node while releasing the excess energy of the south node that stifles growth into the north node area

How to Determine Your Moon Phase

1. Start at the Sun & Count 30* for each full sign the Moon is from the Sun
2. Add the remaining number of degrees for the partial sign

Example: Sun at 16 Scorpio, Moon at 29 Gemini
1. at 16 Sag count "30", at 16 Cap count "60", at 16 Aqu count "90", at 16 Pisces count "120", at 16 Aries count "150", at 16 Taurus count "180", at 16 Gemini count "210"
2. 29 - 16 = 13* so add 210 + 13 = 223 = Full Moon Phase

The Waxing Hemi-Cycle

New Moon = Conjunction: moon is dark, subjective, primordial energy, new beginnings, birthing or initiating of creative potential
(impulsive, creative, emotionally responsive, instinctive)

Crescent Moon = waxing semi-square: moon gaining light, struggle to expand what was begun, gaining awareness of potentials, recognizing conditioning
(break free of past that holds you back, expand sense of self, commit to own agenda)

First Quarter Moon = waxing square: moon balanced light & dark, equal subjectivity & objectivity, crisis in action, struggles discovered require action to ensure growth & clear away boundaries of past
(replace old structures, build new frameworks, crisis in action demands growth)

Gibbous Moon = waxing sesquiquadrate: moon bulging in light, objectivity outweighs subjectivity, discovery of potential, anticipation of culmination
(self discovery, evaluating growth, help others, awareness extends beyond self)

The Waning Hemi-Cycle

Full Moon = Opposition: moon fully light, illumination, culmination, reap what was sewn, fulfillment of self-realization through the objectivity of others
(repetitive relationship issues, shy away from all but the ideal, realize inner self through eyes others & what is mirrored back to you though them)

Dissimenating Moon = waning sesquiquadrate: moon is bulging but loosing light, inward turning, harvest & share experience with others
(knack for inspiring others, teaching & demonstrating, sharing ideas)

Last Quarter Moon = waning square: moon half light & dark, subjectivity returning, crisis in consciousness, feedback from previous stage provides time of reflection, re-evaluation & revision
(strong beliefs of what works & what doesn't, frustrated by inevitable change of paradigm, inner struggles around re-orienting thinking & revising approach)

Balsamic Moon = waning semi-square: moon returning to darkness, subjectivity is more prominent, sense of new beginning around the corner, visionary awareness of future, releasing the past
(future oriented, ahead of your time, feel a strong but illusive sense of purpose, hope in future & respond to the calling)

The lunation picture in this lecture handout is from Kepler 7.0 software by Cosmic Patterns.

Audio cassettes and CD's of this mini-class taught at LCAA are availalbe through AC Tapes.