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Lecture Handout Archive by Julene Packer-Louis

The Planets
by Julene Packer-Louis

The Personal Planets

Glyph: crescent (soul) atop a circle (spirit) atop a cross (matter) - contains all three glyph components to mentally process life experience on all levels of existence
Archetypal Drive: Information exchange, communication, precision - to identify things in the environment, categorize them and spread the word
Psychological Meaning: the way we process information, approach our intellectual needs, the way we communicate, the filters on our through process, opinions, and memories, the way we gather, assimilate and share information
Physical Representation: news, media, books, road signs, words, spoken language, sign language, body language, books, magazines, newspapers, flyers, advertisements (though the content is Venus), memos, libraries, primary schools, teachers, speakers, dictionaries, encyclopedias, data files, file cabinets, diagnosis, decisions, organization, justification, precision work, mechanics, secretaries, receptionists, etc

Glyph: circle (spirit) atop a cross (matter) - indicative of our spirit acting upon physical earthy experience, as we revel in the physical pleasures of our senses
Archetypal Drive: attachment, stability, harmony, relationships - to revel in the pleasures of the senses and experience creature comforts
Psychological Meaning: approach to aesthetic pleasures, what we find beautiful and comfortable (and the reverse), what appeals to our senses, our attachment to physical things, the objects we attach to our self worth, self image reflected in the mirror to other (statuary apple-mirror)
Physical Representation: things we collect, art, music, flavors, scents, sensuality, the 5 senses, relationships, nature, beautiful landscapes, harmony, grace, love, beauty, poise, diplomacy, materialism, money, clothing, cosmetics, etiquette, interior design, gardening, furniture, partners, spouses, sisters, shopping centers, social gatherings, studios, etc

Glyph: circle (spirit) beneath arrow (cross of matter with outward direction)
Archetypal Drive: assertion, survival, will power, autonomous action - the outward activation of the inner will
Psychological Meaning: approach to assertion (passive/aggressive), our expression of anger, independent actions, driving force, competitiveness, fight or fight response system
Physical Representation: war, military action, competitions, fights, sports, steel, cutting implements, weapons, adrenal glands, accidents, bullies, sexuality, passion, lust, strength, stamina, temper, brothers, etc

The Social Planets

Glyph: sideways crescent (Soul) with a cross (Matter) on the lower left - open to scooping up on a soulful level the experience of matter
Archetypal Drive: truth, meaning, expanding horizons (physical & mental), expansion of experience - quest for one's own metaphorical holy grail
Psychological Meaning: way we seek truth and meaning in our lives, wisdom of life experience or higher education, philosophies we gain through our search for meaning, desire to explore new realms of experience, to travel beyond our own backyard, meet and understand foreign cultures
Physical Representation: travel agencies, airplanes, passports, foreign lands, foreign policy, treaties, ambassadors, embassies, philosophers, theologians, beliefs, religions, bishops, priests, gurus, churches, monasteries, places of worship, college, professors, expansion, abundance, affluence, excess, capitalism, churches, monasteries, judges, truth, faith, exploration, explorers, voyages, glory, generosity, gratitude, publishing houses, publishers, etc

Glyph: cross (Matter) atop a sideways crescent (Soul) - soul level experience to be worked out through the encounter with physical matter
Archetypal Drive: structure, discipline, restraint, responsibility - to recognize the programs that weigh us down
Psychological Meaning: how we deal with responsibility and authority, the types of obstacles and restrictions we run into and our way around them, to overcome obstacles, learn caution and restraint, to learn steadfast endurance, to understand the parental and societal programs behind what we feel restricts, limits and blocks us so we can create new programs
Physical Representation: fathers, disciplinarians, government, politicians, pope, police, arrests, rules, regulations, limits, blockades, obstacles, restraint, depravation, constriction, fear, failure, gloom, hardship, time, calendars, boundaries, permanence, buildings, walls, fences, property lines, architects, carpenters, anchors, bones, knees, antiques, heavy objects, lead, burdens, loads, economy, debt, oppression, retirement, engineers, fortification, endurance, employment, profession, history, humility, milestones, oaths, intolerance, dogma, karma, lessons, etc

The collective (Trans-Personal) Planets

Glyph: two crescents (soul) flanking a cross (matter) from which hangs a circle (spirit) - personal & collective soul meeting in physical manifestation and drawn into the individual's spirit - hindsight and foresight meeting in manifestation of the spirit
Archetypal Drive: perspective, rebellion, inspiration - to challenge the system to align with the current collective
Psychological Meaning: how and where we buck authority &/or the status quo, ideals for humanity, where life is most unpredictable, how we deal with the unconventional
Physical Representation: rebellions, groups, clubs, friends, colleagues, astrology reiki, electricity, electronics, lightening, awakenings, new-age, inspiration, radiation, eccentricity, technological advances, scientists, sudden upsets, shocks, unpredictability, unconventionality, change, innovation, experiments, discoveries, eruptions, earthquakes, impulses, lawlessness, non-conformity, overthrows, mutinies, renegades, revolutions, upheaval, uprisings, liberation, sit-ins, modernization, progress, the outrageous, ingenious or unprecedented, prodigies, paradoxes, originality, transplants, etc

Glyph: (Poseidon's trident) an arrowed crescent (soul) through which a cross (matter) moves upward - dissolution of the boundary of physical experience moving through the personal soul that reaches up to embrace the collective soul
Archetypal Drive: transcendence, release, atonement - to lift the veil of illusion that permeates physical reality and experience unity consciousness
Psychological Meaning: how we don rose colored glasses, create illusions, and escape into fantasy, how we strive to connect to the infinite field of the universe and transcend the boundaries of physical reality, how we approach spiritual aspirations, where we seek redemption, unconditional love, and dissolve the boundaries of the ego, meet the god or goddess within and realize that we are all a facet of the divine in physical expression
Physical Representation: spirituality, meditation, ashrams, retreats, hospitals, prisons, asylums, insanity, alcoholics, priests, yogis, escapism, addicts, psychedelic drugs, prescription drugs, analgesics, morphine, wine, oceans, seas, astral plane, bliss plane, fog, mist, veils, illusion, delusion, confusion, fashion, movies, chemicals, chemotherapy, oil, dreams, dreamers, divinity, solitude, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, fantasy, fiction, disguises, elusive, nebulous, enigmas, mirages, apparitions, transcendence, transmutation, oracles, prophecy, premonitions, psychics, martyrs, empathy, transparency, etc

Glyph: a circle (spirit) a top a crescent (soul) atop a cross (matter) - physical experiences carry into emotional memory that contains & frees our spirit - transformation
Archetypal Drive: Transformation, regeneration - to unearth what is hidden and tap the power of transformation
Psychological Meaning: to delve into the shadowy murky depths and emerge reborn, to get in touch with personal power and destructive tendencies, to experience metaphorical deaths of the ego as we peal the layers of the onion of our psyches, to recognize the transformational potential in all things
Physical Representation: nuclear war, atomic energy, plutonium, petroleum, destruction, ambushes, assignation, crimes, rape, abduction, murder, massacres, gangsters, terrorists, tyrants, power plays, power struggles, abyss, murky swamps, wells, caves, spies, detectives, mysteries, psychologists, occultists, depth healing, magicians, transformation, death, rebirth, immortality, autopsies, undertakers, morgues, cremation, coffins, poisons, catastrophes, devastation, plagues, demons, guilt, grief, prostitutes, orgies, sex organs, renewal, surgery, snakes, toilets, excretions, basements, taxes, tax collectors, legacies, etc

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