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Lecture Handout Archive by Julene Packer-Louis

T-Squares & G-Squares
by Julene Packer-Louis

Aspect Basics
- Mathematical distances forming harmonic wavelengths by varying divisions of the 360* circle
- Represent the phase of the synodic cycle between 2 planets (begins at conjunction)
- The faster mover of 2 planets in aspects determines if aspect is waxing or waning
- - Waxing if faster mover has not yet reached the opposition of the slower mover
- - Waning if faster mover has passed the opposition of the slower mover

Oppositions - A 2nd Harmonic Aspect: 360 / 2 = 180 degrees
- Represent a polarity, opposite ends of the same spectrum, each axis has common purpose
- Face to face awareness of self through eyes of others, illumination
- Show up in our relationships through what we own and what we project
- Image: Tug of War
- Signs & Houses show how and where we need to learn balance & integration
- - Aries/Libra; 1st/7th - relationship axis, self opposite others
learn to compromise without loosing autonomy
- - Taurus/Scorpio; 2nd/8th - money/values axis, mine opposite ours
learn to pool resources and share without attachments and possessiveness
- - Gemini/Sagittarius; 3rd/9th - education axis, information gathering opposite conceptualization
learn to embrace new ideas and expand experiences without becoming flighty or dogmatic
- - Cancer/Capricorn, 4th/10th - security axis, emotional security opposite material security
learn about your comfort & fulfillment without feeling vulnerable to parental or societal programs
- - Leo/Aquarius, 5th/11th - self expression/acceptance axis, individuality opposite group
learn to shine in unique creative way in group settings without loosing individuality or taking over
- - Virgo/Pisces, 6th/12th - service axis, discriminative separateness opposite nebulous inclusion
learn compassion without judgment & to help others but not at the expense of your self (health)
- - Out of Sign Oppositions - have the feel of a quincunx, lack common ground of sign polarity
require psychological adjustment to balance & integrate

The Square - A 4th Harmonic Aspect: 360 / 4 = 90 degrees
- Stress producing, challenging, personal growth aspect
- Initiate situational crisis for purpose of gaining consciousness
- Show up as persistent issues/themes that demand our attention
- Image: The Path of Most Resistance
- - Waxing Square, Cancer, sideways approach, Crisis in Action, break away from past
- - - subconscious conflict, root vulnerabilities, protective barriers, defensive response patterns
- - - growth through letting go of perceptions & conditioned responses that create recurring crisis
- - Waning Square, Capricorn, fear based approach, Crisis in Consciousness, re-orient for future
- - - conscious conflict, social pressures, fear of inadequacy &/or oppression, self preservation
- - - growth through purposeful direction, self-discipline, self-reliance, strength to persevere

Grand Square or Grand Cross
four or more panets involved in two oppositions that square each other

Generalities of the Grand Square
- Feels like there is a cross to bear & external conflicts or demands constantly come from all sides
- Possesses a deep reservoir of inner strength to preserve and endure
- Often scatters energy with too many irons in the fire at once, forgets one and runs into trouble
- Tries to control everything thinking it will stop the friction (but ah! The friction is within)
- Recognition of internal frictions create psychological dynamic for purposeful lifestyle
- Often encounter antagonistic relationships that attract negative energy & patterns from others
- Profound growth through learning to recognize how your subconscious projection of your non-productive psychological patterns play a major role in attracting repetitive patterns of external & relationship conflicts. Own and work on them. Consciousness is the first key to integration.
- Finds that positive energies & things come along when you no longer try to control everything from negative defense patterns
- Tendency to kick yourself for consciously repeating a pattern. Instead look for what you didnít see before; odds are there is a crucial karmic lesson you overlooked in hindsight and you needed to repeat it consciously to become more deeply aware.
- Growth occurs through continuing to peel the layers of the onion and become increasing self actualized while being nurturing, understanding and compassionate to your self in the process.
- Feels a keen sense of social awareness and how actions affect others
- Finds a sense of inner harmony when all 4 legs are directed in balance for a common goal
- Whether consciously managed or unconsciously mismanaged people looking in at the life of someone with a grand cross will often remark "I don't know how you deal with all that."

Anytime a planet outside of the Grand Square is in trine and/or sextile to the configuration, that planet helps to release the energies of the Grand Square, and relieve the discomfort. The out of sign planet inside the G-Square does this to a lesser extent because the aspect is still square even though the sign energies are natural trines & sextiles.

The T-Sqare
Three or more planets involved in one opposition where both ends are squared by another

Generalities of the T-Square
- Same energy qualities & lesson to learn as the G-Squares of the same quality
- Gone about in a different way because the pressure is all internal to put a mark on the external environment whereas the G-Square feels like the pressures are coming from the external world
- There is a planet of prime importance in the T-Square that helps to provide the sense of direction and facilitate integration whereas the G-Square does not have an apex planet to gain easy insight from
- There is an empty leg in the T-Square where brining in that sign/house energy helps to neutralize the internal friction. Relationships with others often show strong planetary placements at the empty leg. Transits to the empty leg often indicate timing of significant events where they are to learn about that "missing" energy to help balance their T-Square.

Out of Sign T-Squares & G-Squares
- Out of sign planet is in quincunx sign to the opposing planet and is in sextile and trine signs to the squaring leg(s)
- Look to what additional quality is involved and if it would help or hinder the resolve. For instance, fixed planet involved in a cardinal T-Sq or G-Sq will give it some focus and staying power. A mutable planet involved in a cardinal T-Sq or G-Sq would blow right along with the impulsiveness (less so if it is Virgo and would help to plan & organize).
- If the out of sign planet is not conjunct an in sign planet, then the normal opposition of the T-Sq or G-Sq will not be as easy to define because there is no sign polarity to provide the awareness, the natural sign base is a quincunx.
- If the out of sign planet is conjunct an in sign planet, then that leg has the awareness of an opposition with the psychological adjustment of a quincunx - the quincunx adjustment of the out of sign planet is aided by the leg(s) in trine & sextile signs and therefore helps lessen the conflict of the square on the in sign planet.

Chart Data Used for Presentation

Princess Diana: July 1, 1961 - 7:45 p.m. GST - Sandringham, England - Rodden Rating: A
Prince Charles: November 14, 1948 - 9:14 pm GMT - London, England - Rodden Rating: A
Dalai Lama XIV: July 6, 1935 - 4:38 a.m. 7hE ST - Takster, Tibet - Rodden Rating: A
Bruce Willis: March 19, 1955 - 6:32 p.m. 1hE ST - Munich, Germany - Rodden Rating: A
Demi Moore: November 11, 1962 - 2:16 pm MST - Roswell, New Mexico - Rodden Rating: A
Ashton Kutcher: February 7, 1978 - 12:00 pm CST - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Rodden Rating: D
Jennifer Aniston: February 11, 1969 - 10:22 pm PST - Los Angeles, CA - Rodden Rating: AA
Brad Pitt: December 18, 1963 - 6:31 am CST - Shawnee, Oklahoma - Rodden Rating: A
Angelina Jolie:January 4, 1975 - 9:09 pm PST - Los Angeles, CA - Rodden Rating: AA

Rodden Rating System
AA=birth certificate A=mom's memory or news report D=dirty data.
Get celebrity biographies at AstroDataBank.

This was the handout for the T-Squares & G-Squares lecture presented at the Lake County Astrological Association in Ohio on January 23, 2006. If you are interested in the cassette tape or CD of this lecture, please visit AC Tapes. The order number is 111.