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The Saturn Rahu cycle & Their Conjunction - September 2013
by Julene Packer-Louis

This is the handout from my Saturn & Rahu in Scorpio Lecture that I gave at LCAA on May 20, 2013.

Saturn in Scorpio
Saturn represents time, authority responsibility, discipline, obstacles & limits. It is the programs we play in our mind that contain "I should do this," "I can't do that," where we limit or block ourselves because we feel stuck in a box of boundaries we can't cross.
-Saturn in Scorpio is an excellent time to delve to our depths and really figure out where those programs are coming from. Get rid of the garbage we tell ourselves and transform those Saturnian paradigms.
-Saturn in actuality is not a heavy planet, it's density is such that it could float in water. Saturn is the burdens & blocks we perceive as the limit of our reality that we are being asked to relieve ourselves of so we can feel lighter. Saturn is Scorpio is a great time to transform our Saturn paradigms.

North Node (Rahu) in Scorpio
The North Node represents where we are going and what we need to bring into our life. By transit the North Node brings new people, things and experiences into our life. It propels us toward the future, it begs us to leave our comfort zone and face our fears (both real and imagined) with breaking out of old habits and trying new things. Rahu is also where we seek more outer experience and subscribe to the illusion that we will be happy after we attain this thing or reach this milestone.
-Rahu in Scorpio asks us to delve into our emotional depths of where we really want to go in life. It asks us to consider our feelings of powerless and lack of control for embracing something new. It asks us to appreciate where we are in life and find happiness within in the eternal present as we move forward.
-It asks what fears are holding me back and how realistic are these fears? How much power do they have over me? How does my need for control keep me in the past where I know how to navigate the familiar terrain? Am I tenaciously holding on to something in the past that is getting in my way going forward? What do I need to eliminate (physically &/or psychologically)? How I can transform so I feel empowered going forward?

The Rahu Saturn Synodic Cycle is 11.5 years You can think back to past time they conjoined, find the house and aspects in your chart, to understand this combination through hindsight.

  • 1956 in Scorpio 29 degrees (October)
  • 1968 in Aries 18 degrees (April-May)
  • 1979 in Virgo 9 degrees (July)
  • 1991 in Capricorn 28 degrees (January)
  • 2002 in Gemini 17 degrees (May-June)
  • Now: 2013 in Scorpio 8 degrees (September)
  • Next: 2025 in Pisces 26 degrees (April)
  • Note - these are the tropical zodiac degrees

Natal Houses that contain Scorpio
-Unless you use whole sign houses, the transit of Saturn & North Node through Scorpio is going to span 2 areas of life.
-Since they are both transiting here at the same time, this becomes about our commitment & responsibility (Saturn) to our life's purpose (N. Node).
-It is a time to examine if you feel stuck, limited, or like you "settled" in these areas of life and then do something about it to get unstuck and move forward in the direction you want these areas of life to unfold. It is time to ground yourself moving forward.
-This can be a difficult time in those areas of life if you are unwilling to embrace the transformation called for by the sign of Scorpio.
-Yet it can be incredibly empowering and life affirming if you are willing to do the hard work of Saturn, combined with eliminating garbage that Scorpio calls for (both physical and psychological).

Saturn & Rahu Through the Houses

Saturn & Rahu in the 1st: Ground yourself in your body. Make a commitment to work toward eating right and exercising to raise your vitality. Keep your feet on the ground as you move forward. Don't take on too many external responsibilities. The responsibility is to yourself, your body and your life path. In that regard "know your limits and ignore them." Explore the fears that hold you back or programs that say you can't or you aren't ready yet. Take "me time" to check in with your progress toward your life-goals, to see if they have changed, to see how you block or limit yourself, alter your course so it still suits who you are you now. Make a commitment to your personal growth and taking control of your life.

Saturn & Rahu in the 2nd: Examine how you manage your resources (money & time) paying special attention to waste. Check in to see if you need to make changes in these areas so you don't feel so limited. Pay attention to the things you are attached to and why. If you are gathering your self-worth from external sources, it is time to detach from your identification with those things and get your self worth from within. Take stock of your values and life style, see if your life path is reflecting those values. Make changes going forward where the two are not in sync. Make a commitment to recognizing your own worth and value in the world, doing what brings you pleasure, and finding happiness from within.

Saturn & Rahu in the 3rd: Examine your relationship with your siblings, neighbors, those in your daily life. Pay attention to how you communicate with them. What is your openness to new information? Do you check facts for reliable sources? How well do you listen? How well do you feel others listen to you? Honestly explore both the listening and talking sides of your communication and strive for more effective communications. Make a commitment to gain a deeper understanding of you daily social relationships and how those people can help or hinder you on your life path. Recognize that any limits you see coming from them is really your own self hindrance being played out through them. Listen for "signs" from the Universe moving forward along your life path.

Saturn & Rahu in the 4th: It's time to peel the layers of the onion and examine how your upbringing, defense mechanisms, and parental programs are serving the adult you are now. To the extent that they foster limiting beliefs and unhealthy emotional relationships with those closest to you, it is time to really look within to uproot the hold they have on your emotions and psyche and make changes to create new programs that serve you going forward. Make a commitment to change unhealthy family dynamics by doing work at your depths. Remember you can't make others change, but you can change how you react and what you choose you take on. Saturn at the IC is also where the seeds of career are planted. Align yourself with the career you want for yourself.

Saturn & Rahu in the 5th: Think about how you are limiting yourself creatively. If you feel a creative block, delve into your depths to uncover what is at the root of it and work to overcome self limitation going forward. Find your muse within. Pay attention to your dynamics of limitation, responsibility and authority with your children & your creative projects. Realize that any conflicts in this area are conflicts within yourself that are being projected. Make a commitment to take the time to let your inner child play. Bring more fun, amusement and recreation into your life. Gain a deeper understanding of the role of your talents and how to incorporate them into where you are going on your life path.

Saturn & Rahu in the 6th: Examine your stress level regarding work, service and the responsibilities you take on. Make changes to reduce the stress in your life. Learn to work smarter not harder to reduce time crunch stress. Pay attention to how much you take on in service to others. Is it for ego-gratification or something you really want to do in alignment with your life path? Are you taking the time to serve yourself and your needs as well? Are there things you think you have to do, that you can delegate or eliminate to give yourself more time and less stress? Make a commitment to know what is important for you to do as a means to serving your life path, and what isn't that you can let go of. Make time to establish a health routine that works for you so you can stick with it. Be health conscious.

Saturn & Rahu in the 7th: Examine the dynamics of power and control in all of your one on one relationships. Work on balancing the power and coming to terms with the fact that you can only control yourself. This is a time of great self insight through the eyes of others. Recognize conflict with others as conflict to resolve within yourself. Pay attention to the things that bother you about others and practice some self reflection to see if that is a projection of your shadow. Make a commitment to deepen the relationships that are important on your life path and weed out those that are unhealthy or are no longer serving their purpose in your life.

Saturn & Rahu in the 8th: This is a time for you to become more intimate with yourself, to explore your shadow side and integrate your shadow material, to understand your ego and its self preservation mechanisms and examine the extent of irrational fears that your ego is holding on to. Examine your intimate relationships, are you truly being intimate or does your ego tell you'll lose love if you expose the skeletons in your closet? This means you have to make your own peace with that first. Make a commitment to uncover how your egoic takeover is holding you back from your true potential. Delve into the mystery of you life. You are the hero or heroine in your own story. Look at all you've endured, overcome, and all you've learned in the process. What does that tell you about your greater purpose in life?

Saturn & Rahu in the 9th: Examine the beliefs and philosophies you have been programmed with by parents, teachers, peers, society or whomever. See if they resonate with your experience and your Truth. It is time to be true to your own beliefs, to stand up for them, but not to force them on others. Recognize that where you deal with dogma is where you have something to work on being more open to possibilities within yourself. Make a commitment to live your Truth while remaining open to all possibilities, to delve into to the higher purpose and meaning of your life and embark on the journey to travel your own path, both inwardly and outwardly.

Saturn & Rahu in the 10th: What do you want to be in the world? Are you doing the right work? Does your profession fulfill you on a soul level? These are the questions to ask yourself. Make a commitment to delve into your soul's urge and explore if you are really doing the right work that fulfills you. To what extent are you identifying yourself with your status and reputation? Realize your career & public standing does not make you who you are. Also it is time to ask yourself if you keep striving for more believing you'll be happy after you achieve this milestone, then another, never allowing yourself to arrive and enjoy where you are? Imagine what arriving in the moment would feel like, let go of the control of making that happen, allow it to happen because you know you are on the right path and the milestones will come as natural evolution on their own.

Saturn & Rahu in the 11th: Take stock in the reasons behind the groups your associate with including your social circle of friendships. Do you still share the same aspirations? Examine power plays and control in group dynamics. To what extent are others influencing your ideals and vise versa? This is a great time for networking with like minded people to help each other in business and to benefit humanity as a whole. Uncover how your life purpose can benefit society at large and how society can help you achieve along your life path. Make a commitment to establish a good social network with those who share your hopes, dreams and ideals - where there is mutual benefit and support, and you each regard each other as an authority on the subject.

Saturn & Rahu in the 12th: This is about growth along your spiritual path. Make a commitment to retreat into solitude for meditation on a regular basis to check in with your spiritual center. To the extent you feel separate and unconnected you have some ego stuff to undo. If you feel like someone is working against you, confront it to see if it is real or an illusion. Explore the grudges you are hanging on to that weigh on your soul, work on compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others to liberate your soul from those karmas. Practice serving selflessly, without wanting anything in return, or keeping tabs of who owes whom. Notice how Spirit works through you and others who cross your path.

This page of the handout is so you can see when transit Saturn will aspect your natal planets.

Breakdown of Saturn's Transit by Degree:
Saturn hits 0 - 3 Scorpio only once: (past) Oct 6, 2012 - Nov 8, 2012
Saturn hits 4 - 11 Scorpio three times: (current) Nov 8, 2012 - Oct 19, 2013
Saturn hits 12 - 15 Scorpio only once: Oct 19, 2013 - Nov 21, 2013
Saturn hits 16 - 23 Scorpio three times: Nov 21, 2013 - Nov 2, 2014
Saturn hits 24 - 27 Scorpio only once: Nov 2, 2014 - Dec 5, 2014
Saturn hits 28 - 29 Scorpio three times: Dec 5, 2014 - Sep 18, 2015 (Saturn goes to 4 Sagittarius and retrogrades back into Scorpio.)

Rahu's (North Node) Transit Through Scorpio: Aug 30, 2012 - Feb 18, 2014
Saturn conjoins Rahu at 8 Scorpio: Sep 10 - 21, 2013 (happening in the 4-11 degree segment of Saturn's transit)
Rahu hits 11 - 4 Scorpio (moving backwards): Aug 7, 2013 - Jan 15, 2014

From Nov 8, 2012 - Aug 6, 2013 only Saturn is aspecting those natal planets between 4-11 degrees.
From Aug 7, 2013 - Oct 19, 2013 BOTH Saturn & Rahu are aspecting those natal planets at 4-11 degrees.
From Oct 20, 2013 - Jan 15, 2014 only Rahu is aspecting those natal planets between 4-11 degrees.
This makes Aug 7 - Oct 19 the "peak time frame" within the longer time frame of Nov 8, 2012 - Jan 15, 2014 for those of us with planets at 4-11 degrees.

This is the only degree span in Scorpio (4-11) where it is possible to have a transit from Saturn & the North Node at the same time. [If you have planets at 19-26 mutable then Saturn and Rahu are making a semi-square or sesquadrate to those planets during this time. (8th harmonic aspects at 45 and 135 degrees)]

All planets lower than 4 degrees already got hit by Saturn and will be hit by Rahu later. All planets higher than 11 degrees get hit by Rahu first and Saturn later.

© Julene Packer-Louis 2013