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Mundane Astrology & Current Transit Articles by Julene Packer-Louis

The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-Square 2010-2011: Synodic Cycle Convergence and the Real Estate Market
by Julene Packer-Louis

It was last fall when I was sitting in an excellent Real Estate CEU class about the history of the banking industry when I realized the dates I was frantically writing down were following a cycle. I went home and thumbed through my ephemeris and found that cycle to be the Saturn-Uranus cycle. If we go back to the onset of the current Saturn-Uranus cycle of which we are the opposition now, we find that in began with their first conjunction on Feb 12, 1988.

Preceding any new synodic cycle is the balsamic phase of the previous cycle, where the tonality is one of dying to the past and reorienting to the future. It was in 1986 during the last bit of the waning crescent balsamic phase relationship between Saturn and Uranus that the last savings and loan crisis began. It was largely do the net worth portfolio ratios of banks that began investing in high risk non-local markets they weren't familiar with and branching into more loan areas than the home loans they were used to. Housing prices fell and interest rates were so high that many homes were bought under land contract or by assuming the sellers' mortgage taken out when rates were lower. The crisis that is directly related to this began at the waning square of Saturn-Uranus in 1975-76 - the oil crisis - because oil does manage to drive economy, and the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977.

As we embarked on the new synodic cycle of Saturn-Uranus in 1988 we thought we had the answer to that problem with the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989. At this time I had graduated high school and had a part time evening job as a receptionist in a real estate office. I remember housing prices falling and interest rates being so high that most purchase agreements involved buying via land contract or by assuming the seller's mortgage taken out years prior at a lower rate. We are now at the opposition reaping what was sewn in the seed of the conjunction. Housing prices have fallen again and gas prices have risen again. This time interest rates are low and the government is bailing out the banks and offering tax credit incentives to buyers. Foreclosures and short sales flood the real estate market. On the road to where we are now, at each aspect between Saturn and Uranus leading up to the opposition now, we can see revisions to this very Act. (See my article The Saturn-Uranus Opposition 2008-2010 for those details.)

We are in the midst of a series of 5 oppositions between Saturn and Uranus that began in November 2008 with the first of the bail-outs and tax incentives. This last incentive expires on April 30, 2010, buyers must be under accepted contract by this date to be eligible for the tax credit. This coincides with the 4th partile (exact) opposition of Saturn and Uranus on April 26th. The fifth and final partile opposition occurs on July 26, 2010 coinciding with the July 30th deadline for the loans to close and title to transfer in order to be eligible for the tax credit.

Since the tax credit has been extended before, some think it will be extended again. NAR (National Association of Realtors) thinks this is unlikely. I agree. The first four oppositions occurred in Virgo/Pisces, mutable signs. The fifth occurs at 0 degrees of Aries/Libra cardinal signs. It's not going back to revise, re-do or extend the credit. It is moving on. We've seen the last of the bailouts.

Even more significant and beyond these last two oppositions over the next few months, we have more synodic cycles converging with the Saturn-Uranus cycle. In May and June, Jupiter opposes Saturn and conjoins Uranus. I expect interest rates to rise. Not just because Jupiter tends to make things bigger and that opposing Saturn it would seem like an answer for the banks to make or recoup more money, or that conjunct Uranus would be yet another sudden change to reform structures, but because history repeats and as astrologers we can look back and find the trend. The last time interest rates were through the roof, Jupiter opposed the conjunction of Saturn-Uranus that began this cycle. I highly recommend rate locks if you have a loan closing during this time! Don't float it hoping your rate to go lower, odds are it won't. I've been encouraging fixed rates at these near historical lows, and highly stress its importance now. In fact if you have an adjustable rate mortgage now, do a loan modification to a fixed rate. Read the fine print in your ARM and find out how much it can increase in a year and overall. Weigh the difference in the closing costs it will cost you to do so with what your mortgage payment could rise to. Most mortgage companies are offering loan modifications to those who about to lose their homes. They can do it if you aren't.

If that's not enough to be in the midst of a Saturn-Uranus, Jupiter-Saturn, Jupiter-Uranus cycle, Pluto joins the mix! Jupiter squares Pluto in July and August 2010. This is a waxing square, a crisis in action phase to their conjunction that began their cycle in 2007. This is when foreclosures began flooding the market. At the waning square of these Jupiter-Pluto in 2004 house prices were nearing a peak of the bubble, the lending industry was making loans like crazy and came up with some rather underhanded loan packages like 80/20 mortgages where a buyer took out two loans, one for their main house payment and one for their 20% down payment. Also credit restrictions loosened up. Low and behold, additionally Jupiter was sextile Saturn and Saturn was in waning sesquadrate to Uranus - the dissemating phase! Everyone had the opportunity to get a loan as long as someone could think outside the box to get it done.

There is talk in the Real Estate Industry of another onslaught of foreclosures coming. Seeing all the short sales out there currently, I would not be surprised. Saturn has been squaring Pluto since November 2009 at the extension of our current tax credit. This is a waning square and the crisis in consciousness phase of the Saturn-Pluto cycle. August 2010 is their last partile, backing up that the tax extensions are over and indicating another wave of foreclosures. As the Saturn-Pluto cycle ebbs in August, Jupiter-Pluto flows to back up higher interest rates are coming.

While the last of Saturn-Uranus oppositions and Saturn-Pluto squares may occur in August, Jupiter-Pluto, Jupiter-Uranus and Jupiter-Saturn are not over. They will carry out their dance with each other into March 2011. I don't expect a return to stability until then. We will see ups and downs, continued change, expansion and contraction as answers of all kinds come out of the woodwork. And by then stability will not be what it was last we knew. It will be something else. Pluto demands that we die to the old ways and create new from their ashes.

I am suddenly reminded of a quote from an Indian tribal leader in Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth series that I recently rented from the library. "The white man wants to buy our land, we do not understand this...the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth."

© Julene Packer-Louis 2010