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Mundane Astrology & Current Transit Articles by Julene Packer-Louis

The Saturn - Uranus Opposition 2008-2010: A Time For Change & Reform
by Julene Packer-Louis

Planet cycles for the beginner:

The cycle of Uranus around the zodiac is 84 years. Uranus will spend 7 years in a sign. The cycle of Saturn is 29 years. Saturn will spend 2.5 years in a sign. Uranus is currently in Pisces. Saturn entered Virgo September 2007. Saturn moves faster than Uranus around the sun, and therefore faster through the zodiac. Saturn will catch up to the same degree as Uranus and form an opposition. Saturn goes retrograde for approximately 4.5 months every year. Uranus goes retrograde for approximately 5 months every year. Since they do not go retrograde at the same time, they will form several exact oppositions to each other over the course of a couple years. From the first opposition to the last with an orb of a couple months on either side, this opposition is in affect and we will be able to see it manifesting in the world around us.

Synodic cycles for the beginner

All planets will conjunct each other and form all aspects to each other before returning to the conjunction again. This is called a synodic cycle. The length of the synodic cycle is always longer than the faster planet and shorter than the slower planet. This is because by the time the faster planet makes its trip around the zodiac to return to the original conjunction degree, the slower planet has moved ahead and is no longer there. The faster planet must catch up to the slower planet's current place in the zodiac to start a new synodic cycle. The synodic cycle of Saturn-Uranus lasts for 45 years. At the opposition, we are half-way through the cycle that began with their conjunction on Feb 12, 1988. It will end with the next conjunction on June 28, 1932.

Basics of Saturn & Uranus

Saturn is the planet of structures, hard work, standards, status-quo, material security, limitations, karma - reaping what we sowed, and other things. Uranus is the planet of the rebel, reform, chaos, awakening, overturning structure for something more aligned with humanity's interest, and other things. During this opposition we will see structures crumble and new ones being built in their place, we will see reform in governments (especially those governments where this opposition directly impacts the country's chart), we will see loss of security or jobs, and we will hopefully see humanity begin to awaken to higher possibilities beyond the rat race of every day life. For when structures crumble we need to find new ideas and rally to the cause to become the change we seek in the world. Saturn in Virgo will examine the details of why structures failed; it may be dogmatic in what should be done about it because it will be looking at each piece and not the whole. Uranus in Pisces will see a greater vision for the world, it will seek the change that evolves humanity to a higher level of existence, and it may be unclear about how to do that because it will see the whole picture and not necessarily the details. The goal with any opposition is to see both sides and find the win-win solution.

The Housing Market and the Saturn-Uranus cycle

Currently, we have the crisis in the housing market and stock market. These things relate to the material security of Saturn. People have lost money in the stock market, and the real estate market is flooded with an onslaught of bank owned, repossessed houses. Upset (Uranus) of markets (Saturn). Because I am not involved with the stock market I can not comment on what is going on there. However, I am involved in the real estate market and can comment on what is going on there. Several agents are leaving the business, some are older seasoned realtors that can not adjust to the new ways of doing business this market is bringing. Others are those who can't afford to stay in the business because this condition brings more work for less pay. Lending laws are in a constant state of flux and change. What qualified you last month may not be enough this month. A recent lender disclosure law (Saturn) went into affect to stop surprises (Uranus) at the closing table. The purse strings are growing tighter (Saturn in Virgo) and an ideal of turning the market around (Uranus in Pisces) is bringing about reform (Uranus) programs (Saturn) to help people buy and keep their homes. Literally the government is throwing money at the problem. While it may be a solution or band-aid now, it is bound to cost us big time later when these planets reach their waning square of the cycle in 2021 especially since Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will conjunct each other around this time. We are likely to see phases of the cost of this maneuver before then as the Saturn-Uranus quincunx, sesqua-square and trine take place.

We are a credit driven society, we don't save for something we want to buy; we take out loans or stick it on a credit card. Well banks are not exempt from this either, loans are bought and sold on the secondary market all the time - and not all in one piece either. Without getting into all the logistics, I'll suffice to say that the last savings and loan crisis that began at the end of the prior Saturn-Uranus cycle (1986) was largely do the net worth portfolio ratios of banks that began investing in high risk non-local markets they weren't familiar with and branching into more loan areas than the home loans they were used to. Housing prices fell and interest rates were so high that many homes were bought under land contract or by assuming the sellers' mortgage taken out when rates were lower. The crisis that is directly related to this began at the waning square of Saturn-Uranus in 1976 - the oil crisis - because oil does manage to drive economy.

This Saturn-Uranus cycle began in 1988. The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 was supposed to be the answer to the problems. It was a legislative change to the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (the waning square of the prior cycle). However as we are now at the opposition, to the seeds sewn at the conjunction, we realize there are still some issues. We are finding ourself in a similar crisis in the housing market and gas prices are high even though interest rates are low.

History does repeat itself and we can watch it do so by looking at synodic cycles. Further legislative changes to the original Act follow the Saturn-Uranus cycle. Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992 (Saturn semi-sextile Uranus), Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994 (Saturn semi-sq Uranus), Financial Services Modernization Act in 1999 (Saturn square Uranus). Then in 2005 regulatory changes and new rules to the 1994 act took place (Saturn sesqu-sq Uranus). This is the square of the 1994 Act! In 2007 there was another change (Saturn quincunx Uranus). Now at the opposition we are seeing several changes and new laws with lending. (For my time line I cite dates from Wikipedia.)

Humanity's Wake Up Call

When structures fall or fail, when people experience loss and suffering, we tend to look for answers outside of the usual parameters. This is also very indicative of a Saturn-Uranus opposition. This is the part that can wake us up. This is our wake up call. Things are not as permanent as they seem. The Saturn-Uranus cycle reminds us that the only constant (Saturn) is change (Uranus). We have to adjust to change and quit worshiping the money god that buys us tangibles to display our status in the world. We are not our job, our home, our money, our things. Yet our egos are so attached to those things that we identify our self with exactly that. Yes we need money but we need to wake up to what is really important. We need to equally develop our spiritual side that has been shoved aside because we are too busy. The movie "Click" with Adam Sandler reminds us to take time out and enjoy the reasons behind why we work like we do. I doubt anyone on their death bed will wish they spent more time at the office.

Oppositions are a time to find balance. Saturn in Virgo is a great time to reorient ourselves to the purpose behind our work, to clean up, revise, and reorganize our methods and tactics to work smarter not harder. Uranus in Pisces is like Prometheus' sacrifice for stealing fire (intelligence) from the gods to give to humanity, and the awakening and higher enlightenment of humanity that came from that.

In your own life, use this opposition to limit your chaotic spending, to find spiritual resources that resonate with who you are and what you believe, find a group to connect with that echoes your values and seeks the same change you do in the word, and remember when one door closes another one opens. Sometimes the worst things that happen to us are because we were supposed to be somewhere else. They are a blessing in disguise. Remember that blessings in disguise are working all around us if we can get our minds out of the details of what happened and open up to see the limitless possibilities through the door that opened.

The last Saturn-Uranus opposition was in the mid to late 1960's. Like then, we need a new movement for this one.

© Julene Packer-Louis 2009