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Western Astrology Articles by Julene Packer-Louis

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Chiron's Discovery & Synchronistic Events
by Julene Packer-Louis

There were many interesting things going on in the world around the time of Chiron's Discovery, November 1, 1977 at 10:00 am in Pasadena, California. Many of these contain Chiron's symbolism. These include NASA's launch of the Voyager Missions, the release of Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the return of ancient techniques of alternative healing under the term "New Age", a rise in existentialism, and occult studies.

Space Exploration

I find it symbolic that we launched the Voyager missions just a few months before Chiron was discovered. The mission of the Voyagers is to explore the darker recesses of space beyond the known, making stations and gathering data at each planet from Jupiter out and exploring the macrocosmic stellar universe that is older than our own solar system. The Chiron Journey is a parallel journey within to explore the dark and frozen recesses of the soul beyond the known, into the more cellular matter of our ancestral heritage encoded in our microcosmic DNA. To me, the synchronicity resides in the saying "as within, so without" and the opposing but proportionate journeys through the macrocosm and microcosm exhibit this fundamental. As humanity is reaching the threshold of a collective conscious awareness, NASA is reaching the threshold of exploring the regions beyond our individual solar system. The reason this is a threshold is due to the turn of the century that is upcoming from this discovery. At the turn of a century we have the hindsight to look back on an entire age and see how far we've come and yet also look ahead to where we need to go. The Voyagers represent a physical journey that transcend the known boundaries of outer space which is directly proportional to the inward journey Chiron represents that transcends the known boundaries of the individual's inner space and both ring of the transpersonal.

The Voyager I & II is a revolutionary space exploration odyssey that began at Jupiter and is now beyond the orbit of Pluto. Voyager II launched first on 20Aug77, while Voyager I launched on 05Sep77. The Voyager mission relates symbolically to Chiron in the fact that the descent of spirit in the Chiron Journey also begins at Jupiter, for it was Zeus who allowed for Chiron's descent into the underworld in exchange for Prometheus freedom and as well allowed for his transcendence into the heavens.

After Jupiter, the Voyager journey goes on to gather data of the icy planets that are not warmed by the sun's influence, as the Chiron Journey goes on to recover our lost fragments that have been frozen in our psyche often beyond the reach of our recalled consciousness. This is external integration of knowledge of the physical properties of what resides in our solar system and the internal integration of the collective meaning inherent in the meaning of the planets that resides within the scope of our personal psyche.

Currently both Voyagers are beyond the orbit of Pluto. In May of 1988 when Chiron was around 25Gemini, Voyager I passed above the orbit of Pluto. Voyager II, presenting an alternate perspective, passed under the orbit of Pluto in August of 1990, when Chiron was around 17Cancer. Both Voyagers have the current mission to study the regions of space where the Sun's influence ends and the dark regions of interstellar space begin. This is beyond the Sun, beyond consciousness. This is what takes Chiron out of the cave and toward his descent into the underworld. Outer world, under world - as without, so within.

This mission has succeeded beyond the hope of the original plan. This is now the integration of the will and the intellect, for the seeming will of the Voyagers has allowed the intellect to expand beyond the original imagination. This is felt as a breakthrough when one realizes their woundedness and how it all fits with their own cosmic puzzle of the Self, and the pieces come together in wholeness. This can be likened to about 5 years from now when the Voyagers reach the "termination shock", where the solar winds slow down considerably before getting to the destination of the heliopause where there is no solar wind, no solar influence, and we have left the realm of our solar system and are interstellar space. So, the journey does not stop at the termination shock. From the holistic perspective one must reach out beyond the self to help others with similar wounds in their return to wholeness, and one never knows what they will encounter when delving the depths of another's soul, just as we don't know what the Voyagers will encounter beyond Pluto. This takes us completely out of the sun's sphere macrocosmically and beyond consciousness microcosmically where the instinct acts beyond the conscious intellect. The Voyagers will not experience this for about 20 years. Personally, I believe this signifies that we are in for a leap in human evolution and we may be able to communicate with each other telepathically or in other ways currently unimaginable. As Melanie Reinhart said about Chiron's healing in a lecture I heard in 2002, "when the words stop, the healing begins."

The Release of the Movie Star Wars

The Chiron themes echoed in this movie are amazing. Luke did not know his father, as Chiron did not know his. Darth Vadar, the shadow image bad guy turns out to be his father, which is really also metaphorical for a battle within himself. Luke is the Hero of the story and like all Heroes he must face trials and learn things about himself. He too in a sense is here to purify the ancestral garbage that turned his father into the shadow figure of Darth Vadar.

Obi Wan is like Apollo, the one who teaches and guides Luke on his Hero's Journey. Luke is leading a Rebellion which takes Luke on a journey into his own metaphorical cave, like the centaurs who dared to open the jar of wine. Also Luke's objective is to save humanity as Chiron did in freeing Prometheus.

The Return Alternative Healing

Around the time Chiron was discovered the world was bringing back all sorts of ancient healing techniques coined under the term "new age". We had books on homeopathic medicines flooding the market. NHP (Natural Health Practitioner) Schools began to open up. Body/Mind integration became a western focus as Yoga began to become popular. Research into Iridology (the blood vessels in the eyes) opened up. Reiki (channeling divine healing energy) hit our western conscious minds. Accupuncture, accupressure, massage therapy, hypnosis, and reflexology are just a few among the myrid of "new age" approaches to health and healing. Many facets of holistic healing came about through the migration of Vedic sciences to the western world with a focus on treating the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Rising Interest in Supernatural Phenomena & Occult Studies

The interest in supernatural phenomena heightened which had a lot to do with Close Encounters of the Third Kind being released around this time. UFO sightings were hitting the news. Para-psychology was becoming something to explore. Astrology and Tarot were becoming topics of the occult curious and beginning to reclaim their place in the main stream. Interest in the Native American shamanism was also brewing.

The Rise of Existentialism

Also, I believe Chiron's discovery has to do with the rise of existentialism, which focuses more on the active roll of the will over the intellect. This gives homage to Chiron's animal nature that has been suppressed by external society in favor of the intellect, thus indicating our collective wounding, exemplified by the fact Chiron was wounded in the animal part of his body. Existentialism is just one of the things being brought back from the Hermetics of the pre Holy Inquisition of the Renaissance Era for it was Paracles who said at that time "that which lives on reason (human side) lives against the spirit (animal side)" [Alchemy & Mysticism, 12]. The message here is that man can not deny or suppress his animalistic nature and drive, for to do so is to deny his own spirit. We must not war between his two halves of animal instinct and human intellect, but rather unite them in wholeness where one merges into the other at the center. The Holy Inquisition set out to persecute anyone who looked for God within or saw him in anything. It set God apart from humans as a separate being, severing us from our source. This I believe is part of our instinctual wounding as a collective humanity as represented by Chiron's wound on the animal half of his Self.

Chiron is split directly between the Solar Plexus (the highest of the lower nature chakras) and the Heart Chakra (the first of the higher nature chakras). Located at this center is what Easterners refer to as the sacred heart center. This is the location of our wholeness where the lower animal nature resides in integration with the higher human nature and vise versa. It is a point of Tao. From this sacred center we can return to wholeness as individuals and when enough of us have, a raising of the collective vibration of all of humanity will inevitably occur by reaching a mass level of consciousness.

A quote I love, but forget who said it is "we are all spiritual beings living an earthly existence". The intellect does not allow us to believe we are anything more than physical beings for it can not grasp with active reason what is beyond the scope of the five senses. The sixth sense is metaphysical and instinctual, the rational mind denies its existence for it is not formed of rational concrete matter. This is also evident in Chiron's animal half wound for how many times are we told not to believe in the intangible, to go back to sleep it is only a dream? We have switched left handers to right handers in attempt to suppress the right brain of creativity and abstract process understanding in favor of the left brain of facts and their formulation.

I find this symbolic of Chiron's discovery in the sign of Taurus. In addition to the physical sensory impressions that Taurus is associated with lies also the image of the Buddha. The attainment of enlightenment of the instinctual nature beyond the senses is as evident in Taurus as the attainment of the enlightenment of the physical nature through the senses. The opposing sign is Scorpio, the transformation, the death and rebirth, the indication of internal alchemy that works with the sensory impressions of Taurus from the opposing view point of what is hidden behind it. Internal alchemy is possible for Buddha, Christ and others before us that have known how to listen to the God within that permeates the physical reality witnessed by the senses, and realize the life force of God behind and within everything we see, hear, taste, touch and smell. The integration of the life maintaining gut instinct & the sixth sense and the rational mind as perceived through the five senses of our mental perception is an alchemical return to wholeness where one's being emanates from the sacred center of perfect balance of the two. The integration held in perfect balance is the key, the Tao, the Yin/Yang of animal instinct/human intellect. The rise of existentialism with Chiron's discovery is reminding us of that.

Chiron's Relationship to Hermetics

Also it is apparent in Chiron's symbolism, which I obtained from Melanie's lecture, is that when the thought process ceases the healing begins. This harkens back to Hermetics and their obscure idioms. The idea is to evoke the senses into an understanding beyond the intellect by symbolic imagery. This is best depicted by the great impressionist artists of the Renaissance Era, the poetic pictures painted by William Blake in verse, Dante's Divine Comedy, and Milton's Paradise Lost to name a slight few of the myriad of volumes that speak this tongue from that era forward. In order to embrace the healing potential of Chiron, man must embrace his wound. That wound is in the instinct and we must welcome it home. The key to the process is in the understanding of the abstract by absorbing the sensuous imagery beyond what the rational intellect can define as concrete, yet that is understood enough on the internal level that the mind can not over ride it but is rather intrigued by it. Therefore, the two must merge in a way that satisfies both and that point of mergence is at our sacred heart center, where Chiron is split in equal halves. Then we will feel what Dane Rudhyar calls the Rhythm of Wholeness.

© Julene Packer-Louis, 2002