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Western Astrology Articles by Julene Packer-Louis

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The Western Interpretation of the Nodes
by Julene Packer-Louis

The South Node represents past conditioning and an abundance of karma in that sign and house. It is our soul pattern. This is often refered to as past life karma that also plays out in early childhood and becomes our behaviorial pattern. It represents the natural and familiar - familiar territory, familiar way of operating, and our natural talents. The sign and house of the south node describes that which represents security, habit, instinct and where we tend to rest on our laurels. The south node is we find ease, comfort, safety and familiarity. It indicates the talents, skills, and abilities that we were born with and also includes the baggage of exccessive habits and tendencies we bring into this life. It can manifest as compulsive behavior carried out in the area of life represented by the house.

The south node is what we have overdevelped. To balance that excess sign & house energy of the south node, we need to move toward the underdeveloped sign & house energy of the north node to bring our lives and our karma into balance.

The North Node represents what we are striving toward and what we need to develop in order to grow in this lifetime. It is our soul potential waiting to be tapped. It requires a willingness to take risks, to move into uncharted territory, and to overcome the fear of the unknown in order to obtain our full potential. The sign and house of the north node represent where we need to the most work for our evolutionary growth, and what energy we need to develop.The north node feels uncertain and sometimes scary. It takes courage to venture into unchartered territory, face the unknown and develop energies that are unfamiliar. However the north node offers a sense of soul fulfillment.

The North Node indicates what we need to bring in to this life to balance what we brought in excess through the South Node. The idea is to draw on the talents, skills and resources of the south node but not to get stuck in the comfort and safety of it, nor to continue to develop it in more excess. We have to let go of some things with the south node - the things that get in our own way of moving forward on our life path. Sometimes we stay where we are even if we know we don't like it just because that is easier to stick with what we know than it is to embrace the fear of venturing into the great unknown. We make excuses to remain we stuck. When we hear ourselves doing that we know we are in the midst of a nodal conflict or delima. They are after all in opposing signs. Every so often we have to clean out our closet to make room for new clothes. This is same with the baggage of the south node in our karmic suitcase. Every so we have to let things in our life go to make room for new things to come in.

We can recognize when we are doing too much of south node in the following ways. We become too attached to the past and fear of letting go of something old to make room for something new to come in. We use the fear to stay stagnant where it is comfortable and not venture into the energies of the north node. Eventually an event will come along that wipes out what we are hanging onto forcing us to make room for the north node to come in.

Western Astrology believes you can never do too much of your North Node. That you have to stop doing the compulsive, ingrained habits of the South Node in order to embrace the North Node. This isn't to say we should run from our disown our past because it will eventually it will catch up with us an event will come along that forces us to face it and integrate it in a healthy way. It is to say that you can't balance anything by going from one extreme (south node) to the middle. You have to do both extremes to be able to balance the axis.

The idea is not to do one node in favor of the other. The idea is bring the nodal axis into balance. Both are important for our life's path. Together they have much to say our our life purpose and our soul's evolutionary journey.

Signs of the Nodes: the energy polarity you need to bring into balance
Houses of the Nodes: the areas of life you need to bring into balance
Planets in aspect to the Nodes: planetary karmas that are significant to your life purpose, life path, soul growth and development
Dispositors of the Nodes: these planets influence your life path. Dispositor of South Node can describe past acquired talents and also keep you in the past. Dispositor of North Node can help you move forward and actualize your potential and it can also indicate fears you may need to overcome about moving forward.

Planets conjunct the South Node: additional talents and baggage you've developed in abundance; planetary karma you came in with an overabundance of; planetary energy that feels comfortable, safe and familiar; planetary energy that draws you back to the past
Planets conjunct the North Node: additional underveloped energies and talents to develop; planetary karma that keeps showing up on your path; planetary energy that need to develop a comfort level with; planetary energy that helps you embrace the future
Planets square the Nodes: planetary energies that feel the conflict between past & future, the known & unknown, what is comfortable & uncomfortable; planetary karmas that are tied to your major life choices at forks in the road; planets that challenge you to let go of the past to move toward the future
Planets trine the South Node and sextile the North Node: planetary energies that help you to draw upon the talents & skills of the south node as new opportunities for the future arise; the past flowing into future opportunites.
Planets trine the North Node and sextile the South Node: planetary energies that seem to land in you lap based on past connections; opportunities come from past connections and flow into the future.
Planets semi-sextile the South Node and quincunx the North Node: planetary energies that represent a psychological adjustment to move into the unknown of the North Node.
Planets semi-sextile the North Node and quincunx the South Node: planetary energies that require a psychological adjustement to make peace with the past.

© Julene Packer-Louis, 2013