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Find out when & where Julene is speaking next and when her next classes begin online at IAA. Get the monthly aspect calendars (tropical zodiac), and a monthly Nakshatra ephemeris (sidereal zodiac).

Julene received her certificate for the completion of the Auyrvedic Astrology Foundation Course from The American Institude of Vedic Studies on May 1, 2014, signed by Pandit David Frawley - Vamadeva Shastri.

Julene is speaking at the following Astrology Conferences in 2015

Sky Astrology Conference: Feb 19 - 23, 2015 Your immersion in the living sky in an astrological context along with skywatching in the Bahamas. Brought to you by Adam Gainsburg, Gary Caton, and Julene Packer-Louis

Great Lakes Astrology Conference: April 9 - 13, 2015 Ann Arbor, Michigan

Great Lakes Astrology Conference

SVAC Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference: November 19 - 23, 2015 Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference

Julene is speaking in the Pre-Conference Astronomy Track at Breaking Down the Borders 3 - November 2014

Breaking Down the Borders 3 : November 14-16, 2014 : Three-day ONLINE internet astrology conference

Julene is speaking at the ISAR Conference - September 2014

Stepping into the Circle

Julene is speaking at the Breaking Down the Borders 2 Conference Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2013

Order the video recording of the lecture I presented at BDTB2: The Vertex & the Law of Attraction. Please click the BDTB2 banner below to order more video recordings from the online conference.

Julene is speaking at the United Astrology Conference May 24 - 29, 2012 in New Orleans

Order the audio recordings of the two lectures I presented at UAC: Observational Astrology - Reclaiming the Sky and Chiron as the Archetype of the Shaman . Please click the UAC banner below to order more recordings from the conference.

UAC 2012 - The United Astrology Conference

Julene Packer Takes CEO Position at the International Academy of Astrology
by Ena Stanley in the Libra 2009 IAA Newsletter

The IAA Board of Directors is honored to announce that Julene Packer will be replacing Ena Stanley in the position of Chief Executive Officer. Ena will retain her position as President/Chairperson of the Board, which keeps many of Ena's existing tasks on her desk. As well, Julene will continue with her existing tasks that she fulfilled as Education Director: overseeing the development of the curriculum, the affairs of the instructors and coordinating their teaching schedule on our audio/video GoToMeeting classrooms.

Julene became a student at OCA/IAA in 1998. In 2000, she volunteered to write the school's newsletter, which consisted of the astronomical positions of the planets for the upcoming month. She named that newsletter Sky Watch. In April 2008 this publication was purchased by The Mountain Astrologer as a continuing feature.

Julene, one of OCA/IAA's most outstanding students, was scheduled to graduate in 2001; however, in 2000, along with the facilitation of Carol Tebbs, OCA/IAA began a construction of its courses of study. It took a couple of years to finalize the curriculum so it would meet the qualifications of the certifying bodies of the U.S. Since most of Julene's classmates dropped out before the completion of this rigorous curriculum, Julene was required to wait for other students to reach her level to make up a graduating class. But that didn't stop OCA/IAA from seeing Julene's potential; Julene started teaching classes at the school in the fall of 2000. After Carol Tebbs had worked with Julene, Carol suggested that Julene take over the instruction of the advanced, predictive courses - known then as Astro 201 and Astro 202. (When OCA/IAA changed its curriculum last year - 2008 - Carol again worked with Julene to enhance that area of study.) Nonetheless, Julene has taught, at one time or another, every primary course at the school. In every Student Evaluation, every one of Julene's students have raved about the amount of knowledge they have acquired from her. OCA/IAA can proudly say that she is a rising star in the astrological community.

In 2002 Julene became a member of the OCA/IAA Board of Directors. Along with teaching every course at OCA/IAA, she has also been influential in every decision made at the school for the past 7 years. Julene has this to say about her new position, "Well Uranus IS transiting over my Midheaven and Saturn over my IC, so why not?! Seriously, I couldn't be more honored and excited. OCA/IAA has been a large and glorious part of my life for nearly the past 12 years. I've learned so much at this school, grown astrologically and professionally, and made many wonderful friends along the way. I've thoroughly enjoyed every position I have ever held and know I will enjoy this one immensely as well. I am forever grateful to Ena Stanley for all the opportunities OCA/IAA has given me. I look forward to challenging myself to find new ways to give back to OCA/IAA all that it has given me."

Julene Packer's Sky Watch column appears in The Mountain Astrologer

Julene Packer has been writing this column since October 2000. It began as an idea to help IAA students locate the planets in the night sky and was incorporated into the school's monthly newsletter when Julene took on the position of Media Director. At that time the newsletter went out to less than 100 members. This article became very popular, and the membership of IAA grew to the nearly 3,000 it is today. In April of 2008 it stopped being published in the IAA news letter and became a column in the Student Section of The Mountain Astrologer.
Order The Mountain Astrologer magazine and get Sky Maps showing the planets in the night sky in IAA's Library