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International Academy of Astrology

Professional Astrology Services with Julene Louis, Dipl.IAA, ISAR-CAP

WESTERN NATAL ASTROLOGY All About YOU - Your Life Themes & Purpose

Astrology is a wonderful tool for self insight and understanding that leads to personal growth, a more fulfilling life aligned with your soul path, better relationships with others and your self. Astrology can quickly and efficiently cut to the chase problem solving through the recognition of inner dynamics mirrored in outer life. A Natal reading with Julene provides insight into the dynamics that are creating your life. It can help you to break through barriers from old outworn paradigms that are holding you back. It fosters self awareness and reaches toward the yogic goals of self actualization and realization.

This consultation takes place over the phone and you can choose a 30 or 60 minute session.

Your Life From a Karmic Perspective, What Karma's are Ripening Now

Vedic Astrology looks at many charts. Your natal or rasi chart along with your moon chart, sun chart and many other varga charts that are able to hone in on specific areas of life and give detailed information. There are special combinations of planets called yogas. There are yogas for wealth, status, and illness, to name a few of the many types of yogas. There is a dasa system that tells when each planet's karmas will come to fruition. The difference between a Vedic & Western reading is that the Western is more psychological and the Vedic is able to quantify things through analysis of planetary strengths and conditions called avasthas.

This consultation takes place over the phone and you must choose a 60 minute session.

Current Astrology: What is Happening for YOU - NOW

Additionally astrology is a wonderful tool for crisis management due to its ability to identify the cause underlying the effect of the crisis. From there it invites potential solutions through conscious shifts in the paradigms behind the crisis. Most things happen for a reason and our most difficult crisces can bring about the most monumental changes in our lives. Through a Yogic Astrology Consultation with Julene, you are lead to make peace with the crisis for the gift it brings in the end result of transformation or transcendence, freeing a piece of yourself from the Wheel of Samsara as you neutralize the karma that co-created it.

This consultation takes place over the phone and you can choose a 30 or 60 minute session. You can also combine it with a natal reading for a 60 or 90 minute session. For a most accurate reading, I will find the repeating themes of what is happening for you now in both systems: Western & Vedic.

Follow up consultations are available at the rate of $90 an hour within six months of our session.

Vocational Astrology

Many of us wind up places we never intended; in corporate jobs that fulfill our bank account but not our soul or maybe we follow our dream but the money is missing. Maybe the rat race is keeping you from what is really important. Maybe you've focused so much on other's "shoulds" that you've lost alignment with your own values, wants, needs and goals. Maybe you've focused so much on your self that you've lost touch with others and feel cut off and separate. At some point we all find ourselves chasing happiness just around the corner "after I achieve this milestone in the future" or "have this status symbol in the future" or "get over that hurt from the past" etc that we've forgotten to live our life NOW, in the fluid present full of infinite possibilities. A consultation with Julene can help you gain perspective on the pieces of your inner dialogue that are widening the gap between the life you have and the life you want, hindering you from being present now, in this moment, where you have the potential to awaken to the possibility of being an empowered and present co-creator of your life the way you want to live it.

This consultation takes place over the phone and you can choose a 30 or 60 minute session. Your career will be examined through both Western & Vedic Astrology unless you choose otherwise.

Natal, Current & Vocational Consultations
Type of Consultation

Relationship Astrology

We have soul contacts with many people in our lives: friends, lovers, family members, teachers, bosses, co-workers, neighbors, you name it. Our lives are full of relationships and what others mirror back to us. Some relationships make us feel wonderful and special and we deem them fulfilling. Other relationships make us feel angry and hurt and we deem them toxic. Surprisingly both kinds and all the ones in the middle have something to teach us about ourselves. Often the most horrendous relationships can be powerfully self transforming when we learn and grow from them. A Relationship Consultation with Julene provides insight into the dynamics that are present in your relationships.

This consultation takes place over the phone and you can choose a 30 or 60 minute session. If you want to do the relationship session with another person, choose a 60 or 90 minute session so I can spend time on both individual's relationship patterns as well as the relationship itself, its dynamics, and purpose. If you have the other person's permission to give me their birth data, I will include the Vedic Matching which is a time honored technique that has provided many successful arranged marriages.

Relationship Astrology
Type of Consultation

Electional Astrology - Because Timing Matters

Electional Astrology determines the most auspicious time to get married, send out resumes, start a business, plan a trip, or virtually any important event in your life. The general idea behind Electional Astrology is to find the date and time in your location that is most suited for optimum results of any new beginning or endevour. All things have birth charts, and these we can elect to be most productive toward our bringing about our desired results.

For Electional Astrology Services, we talk on the phone for a few minutes until I understand exactly what it is you are planning, your desired time frame, and the outcome or life you want your event to take on. Then I spend several hours over the next few days electing the best possible time for your to achieve the maximum possibility of your desired results. I email you a write up of the best date and time along with why this is the best time.

Horary Astrology - Have a Quick Question?


Horary Astrology is an ancient form of divination. It takes a chart for the moment a pressing question in which you have a personal investment in the matter is posed to an astrologer who can interpret the answer. There are a few rules of what you can and can't ask. For instance you can't ask questions about other people unless you are affected. "Is my boss having an affair with his secretary?" is not ok to ask because it is none of your business and it does not concern you unless you are his wife in which case the question would be asked differently anyway. You can't ask "should I apply for this job?", "should I ask her out?" or any other "should I ..." questions because the universe is non-judgemental. It doesn't ascertain good or bad, it simply states what is. "Does she like me?" is ok and so is "Will I get the job?". I will work with you to reframe a question that is answerable by the cosmos.

This consultation takes place over the phone for as short or long as it takes to understand the correct question to ask and ascertain the answer.

Electional or Horary?